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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Easy of it to have a blog part 09

Arranging Setting for the Appearance of Your blog

Push down icon under word Change Setting at Dashboard your blog.

Parts of from Setting that is:

View first page of Setting like hereunder.


Basic consist of:

That is the name of your blog. Name of Blog this earn you alter every moment. Follow the example of like hereunder.

Fill in with clear and brief description regarding your blog.

Add your Blog to our listing?
This is choice for owner of blog to put into or do not of at Google engine search.

Show Quick Editing on your Blog?
That is choice for owner of blog to on or off of button facility editing your blog at log in.

When seeing article appearance in blog (at a condition log in), there are button of pencil picture at underside every article, good for facilitating to do editing. If you wish to do editing at article, click button pencil picture.

Show Email Post links?
That is facility to provide place to visitor if they like to deliver e-mail to the friend of to inform that your article interesting.

Click button envelope picture of this hence will seen page appearance like hereunder.

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