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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Easy of it to have a blog part 12

Arranging Setting for the Appearance of Your blog part 04

Formatting part 02

That is facility to choose type of encoding which you use.

Convert line breaks

Show Title field
That is facility to present Title at your blog. Conducted configuration agree (Yes) Show Title field, hence at posting editor will seen.

Show Link Field
That is facility to make your Title article become link to a web.

Example of hereunder title Test Only Again link to http://to-study-marketing.blogspot.com.

That is appearance at Example blog, Test Only Again link to http://to-study-marketing.blogspot.com.

Enable float alignment

Post Template
That is facility to add something by the end of every article which you publicize.

After finishing making a change click Save Setting. Don't forget also to push down button Republish or Republish Index.


Comments consist of:

This is facility arranging appearance of shares of comment under article.

to be continue.

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