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Friday, September 29, 2006


Easy of it to have a blog part 15

Arranging Setting for the Appearance of Your blog part 07


Email consists of:

BlogSend Address
That is facility to deliver your article to an e-mail address automatically after you publicize it. Provided facility merely to one just e-mail address.

Mail-to-Blogger Address
That is conducive facility of you to update (article posting) at blog through e-mail. Put your word secret content at box which have been provided. If you of click box of Publish hence article which you deliver will publicized direct. Otherwise hence status will Draft of.

After finishing making a change click Save Setting. Don't forget also to push down button Republish or Republish Index.


Members consist of:

That is facility to manage blog by together or by some people. If having friend readying to write article at your blog, click Add Team Members(s).

Put into e-mail address which wishes you inviter.

Write order at this column.

After finished, click Save Setting.

Friend which you invite to manage blog together will accept containing e-mail of confirmation link.

You require paying attention, if becoming member has status as admin, hence the member can do and editing of delete in each existing article. But if the member is not admin (box uncheck), hence him merely can deliver just article.

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