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Thursday, October 26, 2006


AdSense at blog part 03

Easy of it to have a blog part 18

AdSense part 03

Ascertaining you also depress one of the button which exist hereunder.

Push down Republish if you wish to alter appearance all your blog. Push down Republish Index if you wish only just frontage of blog which change

You earn to see at blog that advertisement of AdSense have been attached.

Indirect Google AdSense off hand agrees application registration of you. They will do investigation beforehand at your blog before him agreeing. Public Service advertisement will emerge at this wait. Prima facie condition is usage of language supported by Google at your blog, if your application is agreed (needing time some days until some weeks), hence you'd accept notification at your e-mail address. E-Mail example of expressing you have agreed as member of affiliate Google AdSense like hereunder.

That is link for the log in at account Google AdSense.


This is page appearance of web Google AdSense seen like hereunder.

If you have agreed as member of affiliate, you earn to enter (log in) into your account. But you don't is pride, you still in probation during 3 months. Otherwise there is internal issue three months, you earn to become regular member. Important to remember also, don't do insincerely, Google will not give tolerance to insincerity which you do.

You earn also do registration to become member of affiliate Google AdSense by click of button beside this blog. (If hankering, and have had Web or of blog and not yet become member of affiliate Google AdSense.)

This Button is my referral link, isn't it you is hence I will get commission equal to USD 100. But that indirectly I accept. Still await 6 months again, after your probation as member of affiliate finished. Is not money which is easy to be got by is not?

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