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Thursday, October 05, 2006


Easy of it to have a blog part 16

Template at your blog

Parts of from Template that is:

Edit current

Edit current consist of:

Change the Blogger NavBar
Facility to make a change colour at Blogger NavBar, that is background shares of existing facility like hereunder (Blue).


That is codes in the form of HTML had by page of your blog. At this shares is you earn to do HTML code editing here. Take a care in doing editing.

If you are wish saving result of editing which have been done click Save Template Changes.

If you are wish to see result of from editing you which have do click Preview.

If you cancel editing which have been done click Clear Edits.
Ascertaining you also depress one of the button which exist hereunder.

Push down Republish if you wish to alter appearance all your blog. Push down Republish Index if you wish only just frontage of blog which change.


That is facility to do registration at AdSense.

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